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About Us

“JAPAN KARATE SHOTO FEDERATION- SHOTOJUKU INDIA” is the Indian branch of the NPO JKS- head quarter in Tokyo Japan. In India our head quarter is the “SHOTOJUKU TEMPLE” at Peechad, Munnar, Kerala State. Our mission is to practice good Karate-do and teach good Karate-do.

 After its formation in the year 1999 Shotojuku India delegates made 14 Japan visits for proper training and understanding. In each time the leaders of JKS SHOTOJUKU INDIA trained in Shotojuku Headquarter at Chiba, Japan and JKS HQ Tokyo. And JKS SHOTOJUKU INDIA made 14 International Seminars by shihan ishikawa and several Ishikawa cup championships. The experts of JKS SHOTOJUKU INDIA participate National and International championships, and won in many events. In the year 2004 Diganta Konwar achieved bronze medal in USA International Championships. He again won silver medal in 2006 Germany International Championship. In the year 2007, Sinesh M.M. and Diganta, the best experts of shotojuku india participated in JKS World Karate Championships at okinawa, Japan and make a good performance. In 2011 Bhaskar Sonowal won silver in JKS world championship at Scotland. 2013 our National Representative won bronze in JKS world championship at Tokyo Japan. In 2015 Dipankar Konwar won Gold in JKS World Championship atglasgow, scotland. Then again 2017 our National Representative won bronze in JKS all Japan championship at Tokyo Japan. These representations inspire the new generation of Shotojuku Karatekas and they are became a bigger group ready to jump ahead in the world karate. JKS SHOTOJUKU INDIA believes to fulfil the expectations of new generation became true.